Pteris ensiformis , Silver Lace Fern, Slender Brake Fern

Pteris ensiformis

Silver Lace Fern, Slender Brake Fern
Family: Pteridaceae
Origin: Tropical Africa, Tropical Asia, Pacific
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterOrnamental foliage

Pteris ensiformis, more commonly known as the Silver Lace Fern, is a striking ornamental fern native to warm tropical areas of Africa, Asia and the Pacific islands. A relatively small plant, the Silver Lace Fern grows only 2-5 ft tall, with delicate fronds of unique feathery leaves featuring elegant silvery-grey and green marbled patterning. This plant is fairly low-maintenance and can be grown in partial sun or semi-shade with regular water.

In addition to its decorative foliage, the Silver Lace Fern is an easy to care for houseplant. It should be grown in a well-draining potting media, ideally a combination of peat-based soil and fine bark chips. For best results water the plant deeply, but avoid over-watering, and ensure the soil is not allowed to dry out completely. While this fern generally needs regular watering, it can be allowed to dry out slightly between waterings in the winter months and should not be exposed to freezing temperatures.

In areas with cold climates, it may be better to grow the Silver Lace Fern in containers and bring indoors during the colder months. To do this, ensure soil is well-drained for winter storage, and water the plant only lightly during the winter. The plant should be kept in a light, airy location, away from direct heat sources, which can cause the foliage to become dry and burn.

Overall, the Silver Lace Fern is an ideal ornamental fern for warm climates, as well as for growing in containers in cold areas. With regular care and water, this gorgeous plant will transform any space into a tropical paradise with its unique, silver-green foliage.

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