Protea sp., Sugarbush. Protea cynaroides - King Protea
Protea cynaroides - King Protea

Protea sp.

Family: Proteaceae
Origin: Africa
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall plant 2-5 ftFull sunModerate waterYellow, orange flowersRed, crimson, vinous flowersWhite, off-white flowersPink flowers

The genus Protea, which has more than 92 species, subspecies and varieties. The amazing variety in plant size, habit, flower size and color of the genus Protea was the reason it was named after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape at will.

Often difficult to grow, proteas prefer an open, sunny position with light, usually acidic, well-drained soil. They can cope with occasional light frosts, but young plants need protection during their two winters. Prune after flowering to maintain shape and promote new growth.


Protea cynaroides

Protea lanceolata

Protea neriifolia

Protea punctata

Protea repens

Protea roupelliae

Protea subvestita

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