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Pararistolochia goldieana, Pararistolochia, African Corpse Flower
Pararistolochia goldieana seeds

Pararistolochia goldieana

Pararistolochia, African Corpse Flower
Family: Aristolochiaceae
Origin: Equatorial Africa
Vine or creeperShadeSemi-shadeRegular waterUnusual colorUltra tropical, min. temperature 55F

A forest climber to 7 m long from a thickened rootstock, occurring in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Fernando Po and Cameroun. This very rare, large woody vine climbs high up into tall forest trees with beautiful, glossy, heart-shaped leaves and very large, bizarre, saxophone-shaped flowers about 30 cm across that are mottled purple to red with a purplish striped throat. Pararistolochia goldieana with fly-pollinated flowers the size of a cardboard box, this liana is Africa's equivalent of Rafflesia. Common Name - African Corpse Flower. Some say it is on account of the smell of decaying flesh of the mature flower.

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