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Myoporum sp., Ngaio

Myoporum sp.

Family: Scrophulariaceae   (Formerly:Myoporaceae)
Origin: New Zealand
Large shrub 5-10 ftFull sunSemi-shadeModerate waterDry conditionsWhite/off-white flowersFragrant

Myoporum is a small, bright green, evergreen tree or shrub with a broadly spreading crown. The rather narrow, sub-fleshy leaves are bright green and shiny with translucent dots. Young twigs and leaves are bronze-green and sticky. This plant's rapid growth, branching and spreading habit, and dense foliage make it useful as a thick, high screen or hedge. Growing alone, it is a handsome multi-trunked plant. Myoporum species are found widely in Australia and the South Pacific. M. laetum was introduced to California as a horticultural species. It spreads via prodigious seed production. The drupes are attractive to birds, which disperse them over long distances. M. laetum is not known to spread by vegetative means, but it can resprout from stumps. Propagation: Seeds, semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.

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