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Kalmia latifolia, Calico Bush, Mountain Laurel, Poison Ivy, Spoonwood

Kalmia latifolia

Calico Bush, Mountain Laurel, Poison Ivy, Spoonwood
Family: Ericaceae
Origin: North America
Can be used for bonsaiLarge shrub 5-10 ft tallFull sunShadeSemi-shadeModerate waterPink flowersWhite, off-white flowersUnusual colorRed, crimson, vinous flowersPoisonous or toxicSubtropical, mature plant cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Mountain Laurel is an evergreen flowering shrub.

Its flowers are star-shaped, ranging from red to pink to white, and occurring in clusters. The plants are striking in the contrast between the buds and flowers.

Buds and flowers color can vary with light exposure (too much shade will fade color).

The leaves, buds, flowers and fruits are poisonous to humans and cattle.

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