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Kalanchoe beauverdii Vine (Bryophyllum beauverdii)

Beauverd's Widow's Thrill, False Hoya. This is a very unusual kalanchoe that is sure to attract attention. It's one of the few climbing species along with Kalanchoe schizophylla. This succulent climber has gray wiry stems and green narrow leaves turning purple-black in high light with adventitious plantlets often forming on the leaf tips. Its hanging flowers are bell-shaped and rather large compared to the slender stems. Blooming in clusters, they are an unusual grayish green color with fine purple speckles. Flowering is in the winter and spring months. The wiry stems and hooked leaves help it vigorously scramble and twine upwards. It can swallow surrounding plants if not pruned to keep it under control. So it is best to grow it on a trellis to 8 feet or in a hanging basket where it can be allowed to cascade. Grow in full sun or bright shade and allow it to get dry between waterings. It generally likes warmth with dry cool frost-free winters. It's native to south and southwestern Madagascar.

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