Gynura aurantiaca, Purple Passion

Gynura aurantiaca

Purple Passion
Family: Asteraceae
Origin: Java, Indonesia
USDA Zone: 9-10?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapGroundcover and low-growing 2ft plantVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeFull sunKeep soil moistYellow, orange flowersOrnamental foliageInvasive plant

Gynura aurantiaca (Purple Passion) is native to Java, Indonesia, and offers one of kind foliage. The leaves are bright purple, and have a velvety texture. These low-growing plants grow to a mature size of only 2ft, but they can easily spread if not pruned. They can be utilized as a groundcover or vine and can be grown in hanging baskets.

For best results, this plant should be placed in full sun or semi-shade. While it can tolerate light shade, it will flower more profusely with more sunlight. The soil should stay moist but not soggy, and can benefit from a light mulch. In colder regions, bring the pot indoors before temperatures reach the 30s F.

Gynura aurantiaca is known for its ornamental foliage and yellow and orange flowers. While it is considered invasive in some areas, proper pruning can help.

This unique plant can add a unique touch to any landscape. With its bright purple color and orange flowers, Gynura aurantiaca can make a garden look stunning. A great way to use it is as a groundcover or in a hanging basket, where it can get all the sunlight it needs. With proper care, this plant can be a great addition to any garden.

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