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Gnetum gnemon, Melindjo
Gnetum gnemon female strobilus

Gnetum gnemon

Family: Gnetaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia
Small tree 10-20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterEdible

It is a small to medium-size tree (unlike most other Gnetum species, which are lianas), growing to 15-20 m tall. The leaves are evergreen, opposite, 8-20 cm long and 3-10 cm broad, entire, emerging bronze-colored, maturing glossy dark green. The fruit-like strobilus (female specimen) consist of little but skin and a large nut-like seed 2-4 cm long inside. Tree cultivated for edible young leaves and seeds cooked and roasted. The seeds are ground into flour and deep-fried as crackers.

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