Ficus macrophylla, Ficus macrocarpa, Ficus magnolioides, Moreton Bay Fig

Ficus macrophylla, Ficus macrocarpa, Ficus magnolioides

Moreton Bay Fig
Family: Moraceae
Origin: East Australia
Big tree taller than 20 ftFull sunRegular waterSeaside, salt tolerant plant

When it is grown in an open area where it can spread, the Moreton Bay Fig may become as much as 150 feet wide; but crowded in its natural forest habitat--or near buildings in an urban setting--it tends to grow tall and narrow. The small dry fruits of the Moreton Bay Fig, like those of other figs; are actually composed of hundreds of tiny flowers completely enclosed within the inverted fleshy tissue of the receptacle upon which they rest. A tiny hole (called an ostiole) in the tip of the fruit allows minute symbiotic wasps, which pollinate and lay their eggs within the flowers, to enter and leave the structure.

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