Didierea madagascariensis, Octopus Tree

Didierea madagascariensis

Octopus Tree
Family: Didiereaceae
Origin: Madagascar
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallFull sunDry conditionsModerate waterThorny or spiny

Didierea madagascariensis, commonly known as the Octopus Tree, is an evergreen species of plant native to Madagascar, boasting an unusual and unique appearance. Stressing its drought-resistant capacity, it is capable of survival and lending an ornamental touch to gardens, parks and other public spaces.

It is a large shrub, reaching up to 5-10 feet tall. Its branches are twisted in a spiny and throny cylindrical dome-shaped form, exuding a rugged, curious beauty. Though hugely indestructible and able to withstand the toughest of dry conditions and extremes, it requires well-draining soil and full sun to reach its fullest potential.

Although preferring more humid and tropical regions that allow it to thrive, it can also grow and persist in USDA Zones 9 and 11 albeit with a few more special treatments and plant care. During cooler and colder climates, it should be potted, allowing for regular care and nourishment preventing drought damage. In these pot-grown scenarios, it should be placed in a spot where it can bask fully in the sun and watered regularly, ensuring the soil beneath remains consistently moist, yet not soggy.

As budding Octopus Tree cultivators ourselves, we can vouch for the long-term rewards of growing it, that of instantly captivating landscaping and timber resources. Not matter the terrain - the Octopus Tree is an ideal choice for draught-resistant, low-maintenance plant care.

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Didierea madagascariensis, Octopus Tree
Didierea madagascariensis, Octopus Tree
Didierea madagascariensis, Octopus Tree

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