Cyclanthus bipartitus, Cyclanthus

Cyclanthus bipartitus

Family: Cyclanthaceae
Origin: Ecuador
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterOrnamental foliage

Cyclanthus bipartitus is a unique and majestic evergreen flowering plant that is native to the wet rainforest regions of Central America. It is a small shrub that typically grows to between two to five feet in height with a leaf bladed spreading below. Most leaves grow very deeply to a bifid shape and is often spread along the length and width of the shrub. In terms of its inflorescence, it bears a stunning spadix which holds an eye-catching disclike arrangement of the flowers. The petals of the Cyclanthus bipartitus flowers when in full bloom, are a vibrant yellow-orange on the outside and a relatively deeper, rich orange on the inside.

When it comes to propagating and growing this beautiful flowering plant, it can be easily be done in regions with mild climates of USDA Hardiness Zone 9-11. Cyclanthus bipartitus prefers to be grown in moist and shady environment with some protection from direct sunlight while still enjoying plenty of regular watering. This delicate flower can be grown both in zones with mild temperatures as well as cooler climates but care should be taken to select a wider and deeper pot to ensure adequate aeration and allowing the plant to root in enough. For cooler regions, a potting mix with a blend of loam, peat and perlite should be used to give the plant the necessary insulation when cooler temperatures come in. Further, an all-purpose fertilizer specific to acidic and slightly alkaline soils should be used every spring to ensure all necessary nutrients are provided to the plant.

Cyclanthus bipartitus is an excellent choice for any landscape or garden due to its bright and exotic colors, low maintenance and ornamental foliage. It is a perfect specimen for small gardens and hedges, providing a great focal point to any garden setting.

Cyclanthus bipartitus, Cyclanthus

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