Ceratozamia sp., Ceratozamia. Ceratozamia norstogii
Ceratozamia norstogii

Ceratozamia sp.

Family: Zamiaceae
Origin: Central America, Mexico
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterThorny or spiny

The plants are dioecious, with a globose or cylindrical stem, rarely dichotomously branched, that may be underground or emergent. The leaves are pinnately compound, straight, and spirally arranged. Leaf bases are usually deciduous but sometimes persistent. The petioles and rachis often have spines, though there may be very few to none. Leaflets are simple, entire, and articulate at the base, with parallel side veins and no distinct central vein.

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Ceratozamia sp., Ceratozamia
Ceratozamia sp., Ceratozamia
Ceratozamia sp., Ceratozamia

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