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Areca novohibernica, Kugumaru Palm

Areca novohibernica

Kugumaru Palm
Family: Arecaceae / Palmae
Origin: Solomon Islands
Small tree 10-20 ftShadeSemi-shadeRegular waterPalm or palm-like

A delightful, smallish palm with a thin, stilt-rooted trunk to 3 m (10 ft.) or more tall and a compact crown of leaves with broad, finely tipped leaflets. It has at the base robust aerial roots which develop like stilts.

Little diffused species with very elegant habit, to be utilized isolated or in groups at the shade of great trees exclusively in the tropical and humid subtropical climate zones, on soils rich of organic substance, draining, and constantly kept humid; suitable for its contained dimensions also to small shadowy gardens.

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Areca novohibernica, Kugumaru Palm
Areca novohibernica, Kugumaru Palm

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