Alocasia triangularis, Triangular Alocasia

Alocasia triangularis

Triangular Alocasia
Family: Araceae
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterOrnamental foliage

Alocasia triangularis, commonly known as Triangular Alocasia, is a small shrub with a height of two to five feet. It is a great choice as an ornamental foliage for its eye-catching diamond shaped leaves with tightly ruffled edges. This tropical plant is typically grown in USDA Zone 9-11, and can tolerate mild winter temperatures of 45F and above, or can go dormant if temperatures drop lower.

The Triangular Alocasia prefers to be grown in semi-shade for maximum growth and beauty, although it can survive different light intensities. Its soil should be kept evenly moist and not allowed to dry out as this could decrease its vitality. This can be achieved by watering the plant regularly using well-draining soil, however it's important to avoid over-watering it to maintain its beautiful foliage.

In colder regions, cultivating the Triangular Alocasia in a pot is a great way to maintain ideal temperatures and moisture. When grown in a pot, make sure the container has ample drainage holes. Insulate the container in the winter with extra insulation and wrap the pot in plastic to keep the soil warmer during the cold months. Grow a cloche or dome over the pot to provide added warmth and protection in colder zones. If indoor, make sure provide bright, indirect sunlight and temperature of between 55-85 F.

For best results, fertilize the plant once a week during the summer months in order to keep it healthy and growing. Apply a dilute solution of balanced liquid fertilizer for best outcomes.

Overall, Triangular Alocasia is a great choice for adding a tropical, lush look to the garden or indoors. Its leaves and ruffled edges truly make it stand out from all the other plants, even during the winter months when many plants are dormant.

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Alocasia triangularis, Triangular Alocasia
Alocasia triangularis, Triangular Alocasia
Alocasia triangularis, Triangular Alocasia

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