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Acalypha wilkesiana, Fire Dragon Acalypha, Hoja de Cobre, Copper Leaf

Acalypha wilkesiana

Fire Dragon Acalypha, Hoja de Cobre, Copper Leaf
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Origin: Fiji
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterOrnamental foliageSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Acalypha wilkesiana (Fire Dragon Acalypha) is a large shrub, typically growing 5-10 ft tall. It produces beautiful ornamental foliage and is a great choice for tropical gardens and seaside areas thanks to its salt tolerance. The plant needs to be grown in full sun or semi-shade and will require moderate amounts of water. It is mostly grown in USDA Zones 9-11 and can be grown in cooler regions as a pot plant if provided with extra protection against cold temperatures.

When it comes to growing and caring for A. wilkesiana, the most important thing to remember is to prune it regularly. Pruning should be done at least once every six months and should involve removing any damaged or dead leaves and stems. Additionally, the plant should be provided with regular fertilization, as this will help keep it healthy and promote better growth. If growing in a pot in a cold region, it is essential to use a container that is big enough, otherwise the plant's root system won't have enough room to grow and the plant won't thrive. Furthermore, the pot should be kept moist throughout the growing season and should be brought indoors during winter months to protect it from cold temperatures.

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