SUNSHINE BloomBoom PRO - Flower Nutrition Booster, 16 oz, fertilizer

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SUNSHINE BloomBoom PRO - Flower Nutrition Booster, 16 oz, fertilizer

SUNSHINE Bloom Boom PRO - eco-friendly concentrated nutrition booster for hydroponics, edibles, and organic gardens. Formulated especially for flowering/fruiting stages of plant development. Can be used for daily feeding with every watering, applied through irrigation injectors or by hand-watering.
Scientifically-balanced stable formula is organic Amino-acid based and has NO EDTA chelators to eliminate nutrients lockup; it does not affect crop taste. Organic Amino acids greatly enhance stability of all Sunshine boosters and provide excellent absorption of trace elements. Pollinating insects friendly.
DIRECTIONS: Mix 10 ml with 1 gal of water. Can be used with every watering; compatible with other Sunshine Boosters. Intended to be used as a part of the SUNSHINEâ„¢ Complete Nutrition System. Do not mix with other concentrated fertilizers.
Element Content: N 0.8%, P2O5 4.5%, K2O 4.0%, S 0.7%, Mg 0.9% (see Guaranteed Analysis (PDF)).
Fertilizer license # F002866.
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500 ml (16 oz)
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