sunshine humihum plant booster 5 ml

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SUNSHINE HumiHum - plant booster, 5 ml

SUNSHINE-HumiHum - is a natural vitamin complex for plants!
It is an extract of humic acids made from 100% organic raw material - Leonardite, which is a combination of humic and fulvic acids, extremely beneficial for plants. The effect of humic acids on plants can be compared with the effect of vitamins on humans.
SUNSHINE-HumiHum provides for your fruit trees and edibles:
- Significantly (up to 30-50%) increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves. Chlorophyll is the only source of organic matter for plants.
- Accelerates and improves the distribution of nutrients inside the plant and to the fruits.
- The plant spends less energy supplying new shoots and fruits.
- Causes root growth and increases the number of root hairs. Due to this, there is a more active consumption of moisture and fertilizer from the soil.
Humic acid in the SUNSHINE-HumiHum beneficial effect on soil:
- Improves fertility and soil structure.
- Increases the availability of trace elements for plants.
- Promotes moisture retention on sandy soils.
- Cleans the soil by binding heavy metals.
APPLICATION: 5 ml per 1 gal of water. Foliar spray + root drench once a month.
Potassium Humate 8% (Consists of humic+fulvic acids 6.6%, K2O 1.4%)
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