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Coqui frog - Puerto Rican Endemic

Picture on the left: a copy of actual size

Scientific name: Eleutherodactylus portoricensis

This is a tiny tree frog, about 1" long, native to Puerto Rico. Its skin is smooth and almost transparent, which coloration rapidly blending with its surroundings. The frog derives its name from the sound of its melodious song which lulls young and adults alike to sleep in the Puerto Rican countryside. Hiding in moist and dark places during the day, it emerges at sundown for its nightly performance. The song is sweetest and most joyous after rainfall.

Photos of live Coqui - courtesy of Prof. R.L.Joglar

Voice of Coqui

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Tree frog from Florida (loud, but not very musical...):


Cyathea cooperi forest!

Spathodea campanulata trees are all over the place.