European Shorthair: a cat that came from the wild.

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By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

European Shorthair Cat

Picture above: Cash (Cashew)

Once upon a time, in the wild forests of Europe, a special kind of cat prowled among the trees and hills. These furry creatures were tough and smart, perfectly adapted to life in the wild. People were fascinated by their beautiful coats and independent spirits.

European Shorthair Ginger Cat

Picture above: Bob

As humans started settling in, they decided to make friends with these wild cats. They figured out that these cats were not only great at catching mice but also made awesome companions. So, they started breeding them, trying to keep the wildness while making them more friendly.

European Shorthair Cat in the kitchen

Picture above: James Coconuts

And so, the European Short-Haired Cat was born! They were strong, had thick fur, and were super smart. People loved them and gave them jobs like keeping ships and barns free from pesky rodents.

European Shorthair Orange Cat with a Bunny

Picture above: Mr B

These cats had a cool look too, with their fur ranging from brown to grey, sporting stripes and spots. In fact, their forehead stripes often formed an "M" shape!

European Shorthair Cat with flowers

Picture above: Tim

People in Europe even believed these cats brought good luck and kept evil away. Stories were told of their adventures, from guarding ancient castles to joining sailors on epic sea voyages.

Even though they're domesticated now, you can still see a wild glint in their eyes. They're natural hunters, equally at home in the city or countryside.

European Shorthair Tuxedo Cat with a bagel

Picture above: Philemon

Today, European Short-Haired Cats are everywhere, loved by cat fans worldwide. They might have started in Europe's forests, but they've found their way into the hearts and homes of people everywhere.

European Shorthair Black Cat

Picture above: George

But wait, there's a twist! Sometimes, people get confused because "European shorthair" covers lots of different cats found all over Europe. It's not just one type of cat, but a whole bunch! You've got cats with two colors, ncluding bicolor cats (including tuxedo cats), multicolor cats, and even cats with just one solid color like black, grey, ginger, or tabby.

European Shorthair Orange Cat in a sink

Picture above: Bob

And get this, some fancy breeds like British Blues, Tortoiseshells, and Calicos have been made by mixing European Shorthairs with other cool cats!

European Shorthair Cat British Russian Blue with big belly

Picture above: Wesley

These cats are so cool, they've got nicknames too! Sometimes they're called Celtic shorthairs, and in Sweden, they're known as "Bondkattas," which means "farm cat."

European Shorthair Cat on a couch

Picture above: Cash (Cashew)

Especially up in Scandinavia, these cats are a big hit. People there love their friendly nature and good vibes. In fact, they're even the national cat of Finland!

European Shorthair White Cat

Picture above: Sushi

So, whether you call them European Shorthairs, Bondkattas, or any other name, these cats are paws-itively awesome!

European Shorthair Cat Yawning