SUNSHINE SuperFood - Micro-element Plant Booster, 50 ml

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Flowers are small or not fragrant? Mishapen, small fruit or no fruiting? Poor root growth? Pale or yellow leaves? Die backs? Curled leaves? Slow growth? Don't let your plants starve... SUNSHINE SuperFood is your answer to all these problems!
Perfect for garden and house plants, it is a complex supplement containing microelements, ultra-microelements, glycinates, as well as SUNSHINE-Honey ingredients. Providing the following elements - N-NH2, MgO, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo, SO3 - it shows amazing results in plant development, treating different element deficiencies, and improving fruit trees production.
SUNSHINE Super Food advantages:
- improves plant vigor and quality of flowers
- very high bioavailability of microelements for plants,
- glycine - amino acid, immediately incorporated into the plant protein,
- the preparations are biodegradable and do not pollute the soil, in contrast to the complexes at EDTA,
- high stability of iron complexes, in contrast to EDTA,
- supplementation in top dressing calcium and magnesium,
- high compatibility with other plant treatment products,
- very high stability of preparations during storage and dilution,
- boron is a part of an organic complex,
- compatible with hard and river water.
DIRECTIONS: Mix 5 ml of SUNSHINE SuperFood in 1 gal of water, spray the foliage and drench root ball once a month.
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