SUNSHINE Epi - plant booster, 5 ml

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SUNSHINE Epi is a plant stimulant that makes plants grow faster, improves their metabolism and boosts immune system. It contains a naturally occurring plant hormone of brassinosteroid category (24-epibrassinolide). Completely organic and safe. It is proved to be a magic growth promoter, improves cold hardiness and heat tolerance of tropical plants. Can be used on seeds, seedlings, ornamentals, organic vegetables, herbs and other edibles.
- Pre-soaking seeds before sowing and cuttings before planting. Dilute 1/4 bottle (1.25 ml) in 1 gal of distilled water. Seeds soaking for 4-8 hrs. Cuttings soaking for 12 hours.
- Promoting rapid growth and root development: spray young seedlings and rooted cuttings once a week
- Bonsai and Caudex forming. Great for adeniums! Dilute 2.5 ml in 1 gal of distilled water. Foliar spray once a month to promote caudex forming and branching after pruning.
- Winter protection of tropical plants. To improve cold hardiness, start using this booster 1-2 months prior to cold period. During cold spells, spray 1-2 days prior to cold with 5 ml/1 gal solution and continue applications with 2.5 ml/1 gal solution every 10-15 days throughout winter period.
- Boosting immune system and disease resistance, and increasing growth rate. Dilute 2.5 ml in 1 gal of distilled water. Foliar spray twice a month.

See page about SUNSHINE-Epi and Information sheet.
Convenient dropper bottle is also great for small applications: 1 ml = 30 drops.
This item may be shipped separately from plant items, with arrival date before or at the same time of plants delivery.
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