TopTropicals Smart Release Fertilizer, sample

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Top Tropicals professional custom blend for fruit trees and ornamental plants grown in containers. The unique formula of slow release, balanced plant food, containing all major nutrients and micro elements. 8-2-12. See detailed elements content (listed in instructions included).
This is not a bloom booster, it is a special formula providing vigorous growth of strong, healthy plants.
Manufacturer: Wedgworths (FL, USA), license No F1622.
Apply 1 tea spoon per 1 gal of soil once a month during the active growth period. For tropical plants, when temperatures stay above 65F, preferably from 75 to 90F.
Recommended for in-ground plants, and for potted plants as additional feeding during hot season.
This item may be shipped separately from plant items, with arrival date before or at the same time of plants delivery.
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