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Date: 14 Apr 2022, Entry id: 1649925362-1

Plant Horoscope. What is your lucky Zodiac plant? Aries 03/21-4/20

Aries Zodiac lucky plants

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

...Confident, energetic and fearless Aries, despite a stubborn forehead and steeply bent horns, is gentle and peaceful creature. Nevertheless, upholding his ideals, he can stubbornly go to the end non plus ultra, even to sacrificial death... Lamb is considered as sacrificial animal for a reason!..
...But in everyday life Aries are fun, kind and friendly people. Yes, stubborn, of course, but light character most often directs this stubbornness to achieve their goals, make dreams come true...
...With the same perseverance and energy, Aries will grow their flowers and plants, warming under the rays of the morning sun, to the joy for all: Aries, animals, humans and all live creatures. Aries is a great gardener. Everything grows, blooms, and fruits, whatever planted. Aries can rightfully be considered the "greenest" of all Zodiac signs!...