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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 22 Mar 2021, Entry id: 1616457061-2

The most rewarding hardy fruit trees

Q: Recently I started working remotely and I kinda like it, no need to commute, it saves me so much time so I can have life now! My friend got me involved into growing some small houseplants but I really want to take advantage of our Florida climate and sun. I want to plant some cool fruit trees since I have a decent size yard. But I live in Florida Panhandle and we do have some occasional freeze in winter, although not for too long. But it gets very hot in summer! Are there any tropical fruit trees that will be happy here? Or should I keep everything in pots? I am excited to have my own tropical plant collection!

A: There is a perfect plant for everyone, and a perfect tree for every climate. Many tropical and especially subtropical plants can be much hardier than they are believed to be, both flowering and fruiting trees among them. You may keep the most sensitive species in pots and bring them inside for winter, while there are so many trees that will be happy in your area. Start with these that are perfect for climates with hot summers and cool winters:

1. Peaches and Plums

Low-chill, Heat-tolerant Peaches, Nectarines, Plums are especially selected for Florida hot summers. They produce well and do not require many "chill" hours like temperate fruit trees. They only need 150 chill hours and grow well in even in Arizona, so you know they are taking the heat.

2. Figs

2) Fig trees - they are easy to grow, heat- and drought- resistant trees. They are prized for their delicious fruit, which can be one to three inches in length, violet, brown or black. There are even varieties with yellow fruit. Most fruits are borne from early summer to late fall on new growth, and the fruits generally mature very quickly. These trees are sensitive to frost only when actively growing, but can withstand 10F when dormant. Read more about Fig trees.

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