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Date: 8 Jul 2020, Entry id: 1594195262-2

Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals. Cat of the day: Russian Blue - a true Angel

Many customers ask if they can adopt one of our PeopleCats. Sorry, the answers is no, because they are not only members of our family, but also valuable employees who help us around the nursery: to grow and ship plants, work on construction projects, and even take care of property security. However, we can give some advise on what kind of cats make the most purrrfect companions.
If you are searching for a pet with a heart of an Angel, who is gentle and loving, the Russian Blue is the perfect purrson to add to your family. The Russian Blue breed comes in beautiful shades of gray, varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate gray. Their short, dense coat has been the hallmark of the Russian breed for more than a century. It is a naturally occurring breed originated in the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia. They are also sometimes called ArchAngel Blues. It is believed that sailors took Russian Blues from the Archangel Isles to Great Britain and Northern Europe in the 1860s.
Throughout the history of Top Tropicals, we've had many Russian Blues, including famous Wesley, Marco, and King that are loved by everyone.

In the photo: TopTropicals editor Alex with Gosha - manager of the Puppet Kingdom, Museum of Dolls in Preili, Latvia

In the photo: King is checking security of the new window

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