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Date: 23 May 2020, Entry id: 1590206763-2

People of TopTropicals. Pets of the day: Luna, Queen of Night and Lil Frank the Possum

We had a friend over for dinner, lovely Mrs Mom Luna the Raccoon. She had a bunch of her baby raccoons! This is the second Raccoon of TopTropicals (see our previous visitor - Raccoon Charity).
Then we discovered a little opossum that had a night time swim... We helped him out in the morning using a pool net. Little Frank, apparently, is our Possum Pete's grandson.
All PeoplePets were fed with cat food and received a big portion of Love!

Luna is learning how to eat out of hand... and Lil Frank just got out of the pool.

Possum Pete - grandpa of Lil Frank, guarding the cat food at night

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