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Date: 24 Dec 2018, Entry id: 1545641762-2

Growing Nutmeg from seed: secrets of successful germination

Q: I received a Nutmeg nut and I am wondering do I need to open a hard shell before planting it? Any other tips on growing nutmeg from seed? When will you have Nutmeg plants for sale?

A: We just received fresh nutmeg seeds from Sri Lanka and planted them right away, so we should have Nutmeg plants by Spring/Summer. These are some tips on how to make germination a success:
- nutmeg seeds are viable only for a few weeks after harvesting so plant them as soon as possible.
- wash the seed and soak it in warm (100F) water with a few drops of SUNSHINE-S booster that improves germination. Soak for up to 24 hours. You may use a thermos to keep it warm.
- there is no need for scarification. The outer shell of nutmeg is hard, however, it is not thick so the water will penetrate easily. On the photo above, you can see 2 seeds: the one on the right expanded twice in size after sozking.
- Plant in a porous soilless mix, preferably light seed germination mix, in 4-6" pot, and keep moist but not soggy. You may cover the pot with plastic to keep moisture in.
- Unless you are germinating the seed in hot tropical conditions, you should use bottom heat - 80-85F. A heating pad is the best solution (make sure it doesn't have a timer that automatically shuts it off). For safety, use GFI protected electric outlets since you will be watering the pot.
- Be patient and allow a few weeks for germination. Once the seed sprouted, keep it in bright filtered light and apply SUNSHINE Superfood to young seedling, along with a small dose of Slow Release Fertilizer, for kickstart.
- Move the seedling out in bright sun light once the temperature outside is above 70F.

We have a very long waiting list for Nutmeg plants (item 3878) and seeds (item 6203), so you may reserve one for yourself using our Wishlist form; this way you will be notified immediately when we have the plants in stock, as they won't last long. A few seeds are still available for sale, order now while they are fresh: