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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 15 Dec 2016, Entry id: 1481801706

SUNSHINE in a Bottle

SUNSHINE-H - plant booster for house plants specially formulated for plants grown indoors:
- protect from insects and improve disease resistance,
- improve tolerance of indoor plants to low light, and low humidity conditions;
- maintain healthy dormancy of seasonal species and help to rapidly break dormancy in Spring.

Directions:Mix with distilled water as follows: 2.5 ml to 1 gal. Spray traditional house plants - once in 2 weeks, tropical plants overwintering indoors, including woody ornamentals and potted fruit trees - once a week, leafy herbaceous perennials - once a month.

SUNSHINE in a Bottle - effective plant stimulant from new line of plant boosters, the representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals. Developed by TT Laboratories LLC and designed specifically for applications on tropical plants. Can be used as well on seeds, seedlings, and small vegetable plants (completely organic and safe). It is proved to be a magic growth promoter, improves cold hardiness and heat tolerance of tropical plants.
,br> See page about SUNSHINE.

Order SUNSHINE boosters.

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