Monstera tenuis, Monstera

Monstera tenuis

Family: Araceae
Origin: Costa Rica
Vine or creeper plantSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterOrnamental foliage

Monstera tenuis is a common houseplant that originates from the tropical forests of Costa Rica. This ornamental foliage is recognisable for its long, vibrant green leaves with delicate fenestrations. Its exotic appearance is mostly appreciated for its striking look in a modern living room or bedroom.

When it comes to Monstera tenuis care, this vine prefers semi-shady locations and regular water, making it an ideal houseplant for many homes. Its ability to tolerate both bright and moderate light makes it a great option for busy people, who can't dedicate too much time to plant care or spend the day monitoring light requirements.

Monstera tenuis performs best in climates with a USDA Zone ranging from 9 to 11, although it is quite hardy and can survive in colder temperatures when kept in a pot. When growing in cold regions, make sure to keep the Monstera tenuis in a pot and bring it inside when temperatures drop. This species of Monstera should be placed in a bright spot and watered regularly, paying attention to the soil moisture. Additionally, regular feeding and trimming of leaves and shoots is necessary in order to maintain a desirable shape.

Overall, Monstera tenuis adapts well to indoor environments and provides a unique look with its large and eye-catching foliage. For those looking for a low-maintenance, yet exotic houseplant, Monstera tenuis could be an ideal option.

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Monstera tenuis, Monstera
Monstera tenuis, Monstera
Monstera tenuis, Monstera
Monstera tenuis, Monstera

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