Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Brazilian Pennywort

Hydrocotyle leucocephala

Brazilian Pennywort
Family: Araliaceae    (Formerly:Apiaceae)
Origin: Central America, South America
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunKeep soil moistBog or aquatic plantWhite, off-white flowersSpice or herb plant

Hydrocotyle leucocephala, commonly known as Brazilian Pennywort, is a small aquatic shrub native to Central and South America. It is hardy, growing to a maximum height of between 2 and 5 feet. This plant is extremely easy to care for and will thrive in either full sun or partial shade, with the option of being planted in either the substrate or as a floating plant. When planted in the substrate, the Hydrocotyle leucocephala likes to have the soil kept moist. In some cases, it can even be placed in a bog or aquatic environment.

This plant is beloved for more than just its ease of care. The broad, round leaves produce delicate white or off-white flowers, adding a touch of beauty to any garden. The Hydrocotyle leucocephala leaves are also edible and have a slight peppery taste that is used as a spice.

The Hydrocotyle leucocephala is hardy enough to survive in USDA hardiness zone 9-11. For areas with cooler weather, the plant can easily be maintained as a pot plant that can be taken indoors when the temperature drops. As with most plants, the Brazilian Pennywort should be watered regularly and fertilized when necessary, but the rest of the maintenance is minimal.

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Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Brazilian Pennywort
Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Brazilian Pennywort
Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Brazilian Pennywort

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