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Import from Thailand

Plant name
10-24 plants
25-50 plants
50-100 plants
Cananga odorata var. Fruticosa - Dwarf Ylang-Ylang 1 gal
1-2 ft tall
Adenium obesum - Desert Rose, exotic varieties Barerooted**
grafted, 1 color
2-3 colors
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* plus shipping and handling
** barerooted plants must be picked up at our nursery at certain time or can be express-shipped to you

General wholesale info

FedEx, USPS or UPS
Air Cargo - the fastest and cheapest way (for more than 100 lb it's 2-3 times cheaper than mail).

Other fees
Boxing fee: $8 per box for packing
Airport delivery fee: $100 per delivery

Terms of sale and guarantees

  • Terms of sale: FOB, Sebring, FL 33875
  • We guarantee the plant is healthy and true to name to the best of our knowledge when it leaves our nursery, and shipped in proper packaging to keep stress on the plant to a minimum. We are not responsible for the plant after it leaves our direct care. No other guarantee or warranty applies to these plants.
  • We are not responsible for the shipping delays beyond our control.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain Import permit, if necessary.
  • We cannot be responsible for loss or damage during transportation. Claims for damage in transit should be made to the carrier
  • Once you received a plant - this plant becomes yours. No guarantee, expressed or implied, is made for the successful growth after planting. We will not assume responsibility for plants which have died as a result of improper planting or care
  • We sell tropical plants, and we advice you to watch your weather for safe shipment. We ship year 'round, but we are unable to monitor the weather at every location, that's why we advice you to let us know if you're expecting a snow storm or extremely high temperatures.
  • Orders are accepted without liabilities for non-performance due to shortages, delays, crop condition or other conditions beyond our control. We reserve the right to limit quantities purchased if stock is low.
  • Some plants or their parts might be poisonous or cause undesirable reactions or conditions when consumed internally (or inhaled). These plants (such as Brugmansia, Datura, etc.) are marked as poisonous in our Catalog with the appropriate pictogram. Under no circumstance such plants should be used for human or animal consumption.
  • We do not sell plants known to us as causing severe allergic reactions, however some people may individually experience certain conditions, such as skin rush, sneezing, etc. If you are aware of such sensitivity of yours, consult your doctor prior to plant purchase.
  • Some local laws prohibit growing or importing some plants - it is your responsibility to comply with the law.
  • Under no circumstances we're liable for more than the invoice at the time of purchase.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to make a sale to anyone.