Flowers from Top Tropicals - Participant# 205 || 2004 Contest

Blooming jungle in the city
by Zwer (Kaluga, Russia)

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All these plants are grown ondoors, in my appartment. No special care, just water in time and fertilize.

Hibiscus El Capitolio

Hibiscus El Capitolio and more!

El Capitolio Tequila Sunrise


El Capitolio Bloody Mary

Hibiscus Kristen Coveny

Hibiscus Kristen Coveny

In morning sunlight petels of "Kristen Coveny" look like pearl-pink.

The first flower is always the most desirable

In case with Aio Kristen Coveny it took longer that I axpected to wait for the flower to open. Only in 2 weeks the color of flowers became true-to-variety. They got so bright! The saize of the flower is incredible - around 9-10" in diameter!

Michelia Alba

I got htis Michelia tree a few months ago, and here it is - started to bloom right in my appartment! The tree is grafted, that's why I didn't have to wait for flowers for a long time.

This is trhe flower of michelia, in morning light.

Afternoon hours. On the picture you can see how the petels close up for hot noon sun.

Every night new "stars" of fragrant flowers emerge on the tree.

The frangrance is so tasty and wonderful. At night it is the strognest. Another thing I like is the smell of the leaves. When crushed, they smell like a rubber... likr baloons... if not to say more. :-) And they feel like latex, too.


Stemmadenia haven't bloomed yet, although it grows very fast and branches without any trimming.

New side branches formed from the stem (dormant buds) at the base of the trunk.



Brunfelsia gigantea - I discovered it blooming at night when I noticed a wonderful fragrance around my home...

When fading, the flowers turn lemon-pink and don't smell any more

Allamanda cathartica

Once during a hot sunny afternoon allamanda missed it's water by mistake. It got so upset that dropped all buds. Now it started to grow threm again! The flowers appear profusely on each branch.

Quisqualis indica

Although it hasn't bloomed yet, quisqualis looks very ornamental in a hanging basket. Leaves are light-green, very bushy.


ooops... I haven't noticed this weed when I was takling a picture... Let it grow, we'll eat it in salad when starving...

Jasminum nitidum


Solanum quitoense (Naranjilla)

Scary looking thorny stems and leaves of this solanum are definitely eye-stopper.

Delicate snow white flowers open all summer long, and then turn into edible tasty fruit.

Solanum Jasminoides

Flowers are in clusters and appear continuously from Spring to Fall.

Weightless show white flowers look like made of a thin porcelain.

Artistic duet with plumbago

Solanum pyracanthum. This plant is very showy due to it's bright orange thorns that cover it all over.

By chance I discovered a flower on one of the young stems.

During sunny day this hard-to-touch beauty shines all over with it's showy and yet dangerous outfit.

Solanum rantonnetii grows extremely fast, it's easy to train into a small standard tree. Flowers are in abundance. Every branch bears dozens of flowers and buds.