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Tabernaemontana litoralis, Stemmadenia galeottiana, Stemmadenia litoralis, Lechoso, Milky Way Tree

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Tabernaemontana litoralis, Stemmadenia galeottiana, Stemmadenia litoralis
Family: Apocynaceae
Lechoso, Milky Way Tree
Origin: Tropical America
Small tree 10-20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterWhite/off-white flowersFragrantAttracts butterflies, hummingbirdsSeaside, salt tolerant plant

A very rare handsome tropical tree with large white fragrant flowers of unusual shape. This tree can be (and should be) kept in container where it grows up to 7-8 ft, stays compact and bushy. The fragrance of flowers is outstanding. Not many people know about this tree because it's very rare, while it is as great as famous Perfume trees (Michelia champaca and Cananga odorata). It blooms especially in summer and after drought period. Nice specimen tree for small gardens. It has a multi-layered canopy, blooms mostly from mid-April to late Winter. When in full bloom, perfume fills the area with a soft, musky sweetness. A massive rofusion of flowers decks the branches, pure white against lacquered, dark green leaves, and carpets the ground with fallen blossoms. Grows well in full sun (if not too hot), as well as in semi-shade, tolerates shade, too, in shade it's glossy leaves become large and dark green. Very ornamental! The tree can even tolerate a little sea spray. Seed pods are golden in color, about 4 inches long, horn-shaped, often in pairs.
See Article 1 and Article 2 about this tree.

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Stemmadenia galeottiana - Milky Way tree

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Lechoso, Milky Way tree. Very fragrant beautiful flowers....  more
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