Planting Instructions

Ginger rhizome

  1. Plant the rhizome in the smallest pot in which the rhizome will fit loosely, use soiless soil or a good potting soil. DO NOT USE PERLITE.
  2. Before Planting the rhizome, you can soak it in a solution of SALT PETER (optional) for 10- 20 minutes at a ration of one (1) tablespoon per gallon of water or Epin/Cirkon solution.
  3. Put some soil in the pot, now put the rhizome into the pot not deeper that 3-4 inches for a small rhizome or 5-6 inches for a large rhizome, measuring form the top of the pot. Proceed to fill the pot with soil.
  4. Now water the pot very well. Use a root stimulator (Superthrive or B-1) if you have some.
  5. Fungicide the rhizome and soil. Place a small plastic or paper cup on the top of the pseudo-stem. Place the pot in a bright or sunny area until the rhizome sprouts. Keep the soil on the dry side.
  6. You can fertilize your rhizome every other week with any soluble fertilizer. Also, after fertilizing, it is a good idea to use a fungicide (once a month) until the rhizome has sprouted.