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Date: 15 Oct 2023, Entry id: 1697352062-1

Growing Barbados Cherry in container

Barbados Cherry fruit on the branch

Q: I am interested in buying some Barbados cherry plants. Could you please advise if these can be grown in containers indefinitely or it's still better for them to be planted in ground for nutrients etc?

A: The Barbados cherry, like other tropical cherry varieties, is exceptionally well-suited for cultivation in containers.

Barbados cherry grows into a dense bush, demands minimal pruning, and begins bearing fruit at a young age. Our plants, which are propagated from cuttings, initiate the flowering and fruiting process in the very same year. They produce fruit almost year around. This year we've had three big crops: April, July and October (still fruiting now!) besides sporadic fruiting throughout the warm season.

Barbados Cherry branches with fruit

You can cultivate Barbados cherry in a pot, commencing with a 1-3 gallon container and gradually increasing the size each year. Below is a photo of a fully developed tree in the ground, for reference. This tree is approaching its third year of growth. When grown in a container, it maintains a more compact size, with the largest container needed likely being between 7 to 15 gallons. Regular pruning can be employed to keep it smaller.

 Barbados Cherry bush in the ground

Photo above: Barbados Cherry bush in the ground

Barbados cherry (Malpighia) possesses a distinct growth pattern that sets it apart from other tropical cherry varieties - Eugenias. Malpighia's branches can assume peculiar shapes, even at angles of up to 90 degrees. Therefore, pruning to achieve the desired shape is advantageous.

Additionally, you may want to explore the Dwarf Barbados cherry, a miniature cherry variety ideal for container cultivation, with cascading growth habit. Although its fruits are slightly smaller than those of the regular variety, they are notably sweeter.

Dwarf Barbados Cherry branches with fruit

Photo above: Dwarf Barbados Cherry fruit

When it comes to ensuring the health and vitality of your potted Barbados cherry plants, maintaining a consistent nutrient supply is crucial. Implementing a regular fertilization regimen is essential to promote robust growth, consistent flowering, and bountiful fruit production. For optimal results, we recommend using Sunshine Boosters, which are specially formulated to enhance the development of fruits and edibles. These boosters are derived from organic amino acids, making them environmentally friendly and safe for year-round use. By incorporating Sunshine Boosters C-Cibus into your plant care routine, you can ensure that your container-grown Barbados cherry plants receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive and flourish.

Barbados Cherry in the ground

Photo above: Dwarf Barbados Cherry in the ground

Barbados Cherry in a pot