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Date: 6 Nov 2020, Entry id: 1604664782-2

The truth about Sensational Monstera Thai Constellation

"Nothing's making sense anymore. It's gotten out of control"

Painting above: "Thai Constellation Monstera deliciosa" with acrylic paint on textured background by Audrey Ehlinger - participant of the 2020 Tropical Plant Art Contest

Variegated Monstera... Now that this Sensational plant deserves even its own works of art, it is time to admit: this beauty is probably one of the most surprising phenomena in the history of rare plant industry.

Many plant collectors noticed the craziness around this unusual variegated cultivar of Monstera deliciosa - Thai Constellatio. Top Tropicals was the first plant nursery that originally introduced this variety into the US tropical plant market a few years ago. Since then, popularity of this plant went above and beyond any expectations. Everybody wants this plant! Yet it is nearly impossible to propagate, with the only somewhat successful method as Tissue Culture. Besides, in order to create a viable batch, one must use cells from the stem only. Considering this plant grows about 2 inches a year (in favorable conditions), this leaves us with very limited propagation material... Who can sacrifice their unique mature plant for a knife of a propagator? Let us know if you have any extra you can share ;)

No wonder very quickly Thai Constellation had become a commodity plant, or even better - an asset compared by some people to a real estate bubble... Some collectors sell cuttings for $2,000 each. People pay up to $250 per leaf of this plant... Crazy? Maybe. But being rare plant collectors, we all know the feeling! Check out this article:

It's Better Than The Stock Market: A Massive Bubble Is Forming In The Rare Plant Market...

Thai Constellation available for sale:

The good news is - we have a few plants. They are in 4" pots. Small, but well-established. The price is not cheap. It is what it is - this is what it costs us to obtain these plants from Thailand. This is the last batch for a long while, no more available even at this price, since the growers can't find enough propagation material to satisfy the market. Next batch expected from tissue culture is probably 2022. We have over 400 customers on wish list for this plant.If you really NEED IT, order right now!

3-years old Monstera Thai Constelation from Top Tropicals personal collection