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Date: 7 Aug 2020, Entry id: 1596785462-1

Top Tropicals Golden Reaper

Gold Carolina Reaper pepper plants

by Mark Hooten, the Garden Doc

Because only people who are already well informed about SUPER HOT chili varieties are likely to be curious about these, there is no need for discussion about the history of what could be termed the "Hot Chili Wars"... Anyone reading this likely knows the chili variety which currently holds the official world's record for heat is a red one called 'Carolina Reaper'. They have a very unusual shape and texture.

Our distinct variety - Gold Carolina Reaper Pepper - originated from a batch of seeds of the regular red fruited 'Carolina Reaper' (received directly from the breeder). Out of the regular red fruited seedlings grew a plant producing truly brilliant orange-gold colored fruits. As this plant was much more healthy, vigorous, and productive than the normal red ones, (even producing considerably larger fruits and just as searingly hot), we segregated and isolated that one. Seeds from that specimen were then grown out to see the result, which, happily all came out exactly identical to and as vigorous as the original gold parent. Our plants have been grown from those.
We have very strong plants beginning to bud-up!