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Date: 18 Nov 2018, Entry id: 1542550862-2

How to grow the biggest fruit on Earth...

Q: When I visited Thailand I bought this huge fruit at the market and the taste was amazing and unique! Now I see you have this Jackfruit tree for sale. I am excited to grow it but not sure if it will survive our winters. I live in Huston, TX. Also are there any special conditions required for successful fruiting?

A: Jackfruit indeed is one of the most fascinating tropical fruit. In spite of reputation being ultra tropical, the tree is not as cold sensitive as everyone believes. Mature trees can withstand light frost for a few hours without significant damage. The only thing, after cold snaps it may be not as profuse producer as in frost-free climates. Keeping Jackfruit in a pot is also an option in colder areas. The tree is quite unique not only about fruit but also about growth habit. The fruit is so large and heavy that the tree has a smart feature to produce only at the base of the trunk. This makes it possible to keep Jackfruit tree at very short height - 6-7 ft tall. We have many varieties of Jackfruit, and all of them can be grown in containers considering regular topping/pruning.

5 secrets of Jackfruit successful production:
1) Frost free temperatures (occasional cold spells are not critical if SUNSHINE-T cold protection booster is used)
2) Soil rich of organic matter (compost, manure, peat moss)
3) Moist soil and regular watering
4) Constant pruning and keeping under 7-10 ft
5) Regular application of fertilizer, microelements and SUNSHINE-Honey for better quality fruit.

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