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Date: 24 Jun 2018, Entry id: 1529837237

How to keep your plants green

We continue experimenting with a new plant health booster SUNSHINE SuperFood. Couple weeks ago we grabbed a very sad looking jasmine with completely yellow leaves... It suffered from winter cool night temperatures plus some overwatering that caused weak roots and due to that - a number of deficiencies. The plant looked pretty hopeless as far as turning yellow leaves back to green. The best bet to revive it was to cut it short, remove old leaves and wait for new healthy growth... but we decided to try SuperFood. And it worked! Since the plant was almost hopeless, we put it in a far corner and forgot about it. Imagine the surprise when we looked again and it was green! See full plant photo of this jasmine.

Try SUNSHINE SuperFood on sick looking plants, especially with yellowing and/or deformed leaves. There are no miracles, but this one works a like a Miracle! All you need is a few drops of SUNSHINE SuperFood - item 6000!
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