Syncarpia glomulifera, Turpentine Tree, Yanderra

Syncarpia glomulifera

Turpentine Tree, Yanderra
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Australia
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapBig tree taller than 20 ftSmall tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterRegular waterWhite, off-white flowers

Syncarpia glomulifera is native to Australia and is an .

The fast-growing Turpentine Tree is an attractive tree, with a dramatic, evergreen glossy grey-green spreading canopy. It can be grown as a large tree, with a height of 20ft or more, as well as a small tree, growing 10-20ft in height. It can be planted in either full sun or semi-shade and will tolerate either regular or moderate water requirements. From spring to summer it produces spectacular clusters of white or off-white flowers.

The Turpentine Tree thrives in USDA Zones 10-11. In cold regions, it can be grown in a pot and will need to be taken indoors in the winter months. When potted, it still needs plenty of sun to reach its full potential, and regular watering to keep the soil moist. It will also benefit from a light application of a balanced fertilizer, once a month during the growing season.

In general, the Turpentine Tree is a low-maintenance tree and is an ideal choice for gardens and parks with its strong, disease-resistant foliage and evergreen presence.

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