Psychotria carthagenensis, Psychotria alba, Amyruca

Psychotria carthagenensis, Psychotria alba

Family: Rubiaceae
Origin: South America, Mexico
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSemi-shadeFull sunRegular waterWhite, off-white flowers

Native to South America and Mexico, Psychotria carthagenensis (Amyruca) is usually seen as a large shrub 5-10 ft tall and wide with big, bold, glossy leaves. Psychotria carthagenensis is known for its masses of fragrant, white to off-white flowers that will appear in summer.

Psychotria carthagenensis prefers full sun or partial shade, though it will tolerate a wider range of light conditions if given enough water and fertilizer. While it can be cultivated in USDA Zones 9-11, it will require extra attention in colder regions as it may be prone to cold-related damage.

This plant loves regular watering during growth and dry spells, but too much water can quickly cause rot, so watch carefully. It grows best with light to moderate applications of all-purpose fertilizer throughout the growing season.

In terms of cold protection, be sure to keep the roots warm, water lightly and add a layer of mulch for insulation. Choose a potting mixture that is well-draining, and be sure to avoid over-watering as this can cause root rot and other issues.

When it comes to regular maintenance, Psychotria carthagenensis has few needs aside from routine pruning after flowering to keep the plant neat and compact. With the right care and attention, this plant can easily become a long-lasting addition to your landscape.

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Psychotria carthagenensis, Psychotria alba, Amyruca
Psychotria carthagenensis, Psychotria alba, Amyruca

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