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Pseudanamomis umbellulifera, Myrtus umbellulifera, Monos plum, Ciruelas

Pseudanamomis umbellulifera, Myrtus umbellulifera

Monos plum, Ciruelas
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Venezuela
Large shrub 5-10 ftSmall tree 10-20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterEdibleSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Monos Plum is a close relative of Eugenias and is very rare in plant collections. It is used in cultivation only in Puerto Rico where it is called Ciruelas (Spanish for "Plum"). However it resembles a plum only a little, by size and shape of the fruit - oval, sometimes irregular or slightly bumpy. There is very little information about this plant, however it should deserve more attention. A bushy grower, the Monos Plum can get 15 ft high and 15 ft wide; it can be also trained into a pretty little tree. The small white flowers come in clusters and are followed by pretty large, 2-3 inches fruit, with thin golden skin and delicious, sweet and juicy flesh which is quite aromatic. There is usually one seed about ½ inch size. The fruit can be eaten fresh out of hand, or used in jellies.

This plant is relatively hardy and can tolerate some frost. Mature plants can survive temperatures in mid 20's for a few hours. Small plants must be protected. It is tolerant of a variety of soil conditions, including sandy and alkaline soils. Moderate growth rate.

Monos Plum can be grown in container due to its relatively slow growth and compact bushy shape. It makes a pretty garden specimen and rare collectible fruit tree. The plant starts fruiting 3-4 years from seed.

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