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Jatropha berlandieri, Jatropha Buddah Belly, Baseball Plant

Jatropha berlandieri

Jatropha Buddah Belly, Baseball Plant
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Origin: Texas and Mexico
CaudexGroundcover and low-growing 2ftModerate waterDry conditionsOrnamental foliageRed/crimson/vinous flowersIrritatingAttracts butterflies, hummingbirdsSeaside, salt tolerant plant

A dwarf jatropha with a huge caudex. As is obvious from the photograph it is cultivated mainly for its caudex. Its leaves are deciduous and its flowers, though small, are colorful. The small, round caudex - or swollen trunk - produces many long-lasting spikes of poppy-red flowers from the tips of its short stems in summer. Green, pea-like berries follow. Give it a well-drained soil, very little water and lots of sun. This slow-growing plant likes sun or shade and can rot if it is cold and damp. Maximum plant height or length 6 inches. Minimum temperature is 50F.

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