Hydnophytum formicarum, Ant Plant

Hydnophytum formicarum

Ant Plant
Family: Rubiaceae
Origin: Malaysia, Thailand
Plant with caudexSmall plant 2-5 ftShadeRegular waterEpiphyte plantOrnamental foliage

A curious 'ant-plant' epiphytic shrub, with large tuberous base 4" to 5" in diameter, without spines, and inhabited by stinging ants which excavate the tuber; several branches with opposite fleshy, oval leaves and small sessile, axillary white flowers and orange berries. The caudex is hollow, and forms a perfect nest for the ants, which protect the plant, and gets home and sweet sap in exchange. It's a epiphyte, and needs a lot of moist, but not much sun. It can be reproduced both by cuttings and seeds. The caudex will get op to 1ft, the branches 2ft. The plant needs high humidity.

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