Grewia villosa, Mallow Raisin

Grewia villosa

Mallow Raisin
Family: Malvaceae
Subfamily: Grewioideae
Origin: Tropical Africa, Arabia
USDA Zone: 9-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapLarge shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall plant 2-5 ftFull sunDry conditionsModerate waterRed, crimson, vinous flowers

Grewia villosa, commonly known as mallow raisin, is a drought-tolerant large shrub-like plant native to tropical Africa and Arabia. It can grow to a height of 5-10 feet tall, making it an excellent choice for a hedge or a backdrop for a garden. Grewia villosa is quite easy to care for and will do well in full sun with moderate irrigation. It can also tolerate dry conditions, making it quite a hardy plant.

Grewia villosa has beautiful red and vinous flowers that attract and bring lots of pollinators and wildlife to your garden. It blooms in summer and can continue to bloom throughout the year, depending on the climate and the amount of water it receives.

Grewia villosa is a very hardy plant and has been known to survive even in cold regions as low as 30s Fahrenheit, for a short period of time. It is thus grown in USDA Zone 9-11 and can be grown in a pot if care is taken to protect it from chilly temperatures. It can tolerate cold temperatures if planted outdoors and should be provided with winter mulching and protection from strong winds and frost. When planting in cold regions, it is much better to pick a small shrub variant of Grewia villosa that is 2-5 feet tall and can be moved to a sheltered place if needed.

Grewia villosa is an attractive, low maintenance, and hardy shrub, and there are very few plants like it - it is an endangered species and is on the brink of extinction. Its natural habitat, however, can still be found in areas like Shimba Hills in Kenya and Ein Gedi oasis in Israel.

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