Euphorbia obesa, Baseball Plant

Euphorbia obesa

Baseball Plant
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Origin: South Africa
Small plant 2-5 ftFull sunDry conditionsModerate waterIrritating plant

Euphorbia obesa grows into a small shrub typically 2-5 feet in height with a tight, spherical shape. It produces a profusion of pink to yellowish stems and an explosion of flat, slightly cupped, toothless and papillae seeds, which gives Euphorbia obesa its famous “baseball” shape.

Euphorbia obesa is not particularly fussy about its growing conditions, but it prefers full sun and moderate water. When it experiences dry conditions and too little water, its resilience will kick-in and it will naturally scale back its water consumption and adjust accordingly.

In cold regions, potted Euphorbia obesa can be brought indoors during the winter period and kept warm. Euphorbia obesa is easy to grow in pots, as long as they are placed in warm and airy environments such as patios or conservatories. During the summer months, the Baseball Plant will attract plenty of attention due to its quirky shape and tolerate minimal watering. It is important to note, however, that its milky sap is highly irritating and care should be taken when handling!

Growing in USDA Zone 9-11, Euphorbia obesa is a unique, drought-tolerant and resilient evergreen succulent that may prove slightly challenging for experts, but overall it is easy to keep and maintain. The Baseball Plant is a statement piece for any garden, and far from the boring plants one might imagine.

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