Dracula vespertilio, Masdevallia vespertilio, Bat-Shaped Dracula

Dracula vespertilio, Masdevallia vespertilio

Bat-Shaped Dracula
Family: Orchidaceae
Origin: Central America
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeEpiphyte plantUnusual color

This small epiphytic plant is rarely seen in cultivation and is an intriguing part of the Dracula genus. Dracula vespertilio (Bat-Shaped Dracula) is a unique and small plant, reaching only 2-5 feet in height. Its unusual beauty comes from its twisted, bat-wing-like leaves. Its unusual color range from olive green to pale pink, which is one of the features that make this plant so remarkable.

Dracula vespertilio is native to Central America and can be found from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador. It prefers to grow in semi-shade and prefers high humidity and temperatures between 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

This small plant is rarely seen in cultivation, but if you are feeling up to the challenge of growing it, some specialized care is needed. Dracula vespertilio is hardy in USDA Zone 9-11 and should be planted in an orchid or bark-based soil mix. This soil should be well drained and have lots of aeration. You'll need to add a course chip of bark to the top of the soil mix and keep it moist throughout the growing season.

If you live in a colder region, planting in a pot is recommended and you can bring it in once the temperature drops just above freezing. During this time, you can water the pot and then let it dry out. This plant should never be kept constantly wet, especially during colder and darker months.

All in all, Dracula vespertilio (Bat-Shaped Dracula) is a rare and beautiful plant that can be a rewarding challenge to grow. If you follow these tips, you should be able to enjoy this unique plant all year round!

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