Cyphostemma laza, Cissus laza, Laza

Cyphostemma laza, Cissus laza

Family: Vitaceae
Origin: Madagascar
Plant with caudexVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeFull sunModerate water

Cyphostemma laza, a creeper native to Madagascar, is commonly referred to as Laza. This woody vine is mainly grown for its aesthetically pleasing foliage, which appears in thick, luscious bunches that are often a deep green color.

When growing, this plant should have plenty of sun exposure. It can thrive in either full sun or semi-shade. Watering should be kept to a moderate level, around 2 to 3 times a week.

In terms of the USDA hardiness zone, this plant is hardy anywhere between zone 9 and zone 11. Having its natural habitat in tropical climates, it does not tolerate cold temperatures well.

In colder regions, if you lucky enough to obtain one, this plant is best suited to being grown in a pot. Outdoor environments require warm, humid air as well as full sun or semi-shade. Watering should be monitored carefully; the soil should be kept slightly moist but not soggy. Indoor environments also require all these conditions, but it should be noted that in a pot, it will be far less tolerant of significant drops in temperature.

When allowed to thrive in the right environment, Cyphostemma laza is a highly attractive plant. With its glossy, rich foliage, it is best used as an accent piece in garden arrangements, or to bring life to an indoor space. If given the appropriate environment and care, any gardener can enjoy this caudiciform vine.

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Cyphostemma laza, Cissus laza, Laza

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