Calyptranthes pallens, Spicewood, Pale Lidflower

Calyptranthes pallens

Spicewood, Pale Lidflower
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Tropical America
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSemi-shadeModerate waterRegular waterWhite, off-white flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsSpice or herb plantFragrant plant

The shrub is a large one, reaching up to 5-10 feet in height and grows best in semi-shade. It can be grown in USDA zones 9-11 and as a native to tropical America, it has adapted to warm climates.

Calyptranthes pallens, or Spicewood, is a popular plant choice for those lucky enough to live in tropical America. Not only is this large shrub (5-10 feet in height) a beautiful addition to any landscape, but its white and off-white flowers have the most wonderful fragrance. The Spicewood blooms in the beginning of the rainy season, from late spring through the early summer, when the tiny blossoms fill the air with a sweet, spicy aroma. This aromatic bush will please the senses and attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Though adapted to warm climates, Spicewood can survive in colder regions as well, provided it is given the right care. While planting it outdoors in the ground is ideal, those that live in colder climates will have to keep it in a pot and bring it indoors during colder times of year. Spicewood prefers semi-shady areas and regular watering, but it is resilient and can survive with moderate watering. It does benefit from fertilizing, but care should be taken not to over-fertilize.

Spicewood is a fantastic plant for those looking for a beautiful and fragrant bush for their garden. With the right care and maintenance, this large shrub will bring texture, color and delightful fragrance to your garden for many years to come.

Calyptranthes pallens, Spicewood, Pale Lidflower
Calyptranthes pallens, Spicewood, Pale Lidflower

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