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Annona scleroderma, Posh-te, Cawesh, Poshte

Annona scleroderma

Posh-te, Cawesh, Poshte
Family: Annonaceae
Origin: Honduras, Guatemala
Big tree > 20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterModerate waterEdible

A. scleroderma is a tall tree which reaches 15 to 20 m and has tough, lanceolate leaves measuring 10 to 25 x 5 to 8 cm. They are shiny on the upper side, slightly pubescent on the underside and have fragile, 3 cm long petioles. The flowers are greenish yellow, the outer petals have a longitudinal prominence which arises in the small branches or in groups in the old part of the thick branches. The cream-colored flesh has a creamy banana-pineapple like flavor and a soft texture. Said to be one of the most flavorful and refreshing Annona's, but the poshe-te is still elusive outside its native range. This round fruit, relatively little known has a rich aromatic and delicious flavor. The fruit is the size of an orange and has a dull green surface with perfectly textured pulp. Unlike some other Annonas, the pulp is not fibrous. The tough skin allows it to be handled easily and makes it resistant to insect attack. The trees should be pruned so that a wide crown remains to facilitate fruit harvesting. This also reduces exposure to wind and bird damage.

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Annona scleroderma, Posh-te, Cawesh, Poshte
Annona scleroderma, Posh-te, Cawesh, Poshte
Annona scleroderma, Posh-te, Cawesh, Poshte

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